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Winter Skin Care

For many people, winter leads to dry skin. For some, the dryness is more severe, with itching, cracking, flaking and may even result in eczema. The home’s heating system is a major cause, regardless of type. When your skin condition suffers severe dryness, contact Compassion Dermatology to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist in Southlake, TX.

It is normal for the body to shed approximately 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells each day. As the old cells are shed, new ones replace them. However, you should not see dry, flaky skin, or experience discomfort.

The dead skin cells and the body’s natural oils help the skin to retain moisture. Aging, excessive sunlight exposure and products containing harsh chemicals applied to the skin, along with some medications and diseases can result in flaking or scaling of skin. A Compassion Dermatology, dermatologist in Southlake, TX can assist you when dry itchy skin is an uncomfortable problem.

The following tips can assist you in maintaining healthier skin throughout the winter months:

The Proper Care

If you have tried numerous over-the-counter-products for dry skin without success, seeing a dermatologist in Southlake, TX can be beneficial. A dermatologist will identify your skin type, consider your current skin care, and provide you with the professional advice on the products that will help relieve your dry skin, and the discomfort it causes.


Your current moisturizer may work fine during the summer, but may fall short dry skin during the winter. Winter’s drying conditions are hard on the skin, and the condition often calls for a change in skin care. Many persons find an oil based moisturizer helps to retain moisture more efficiently than a water based product. Some oil based products are often labeled as a night cream. However, not just any oil will do. Some oils will clog the pores, and lead to breakouts and other problems. Choose oil based products with avocado oil, primrose oil, or almond oil, for example. Creams and ointments work better than lotions, and those containing lanolin is another excellent choice. Contact Compassion Dermatology for a consultation with a dermatologist in Southlake, TX to learn which treatment is best for you based on your skin type, and health considerations.

Lotions containing glycerin, and alpha-hydroxy acids may also a good choice. A consultation with a dermatologist in Southlake, TX for your dry skin is the best way to ensure you know the best moisturizer and skin care for your dry skin.

Helping Hands

The skin on your hands has fewer oil glands, and is thinner than elsewhere on the body. This is why dry hands are a common complaint, especially in the winter. Add to it household cleaning chores, and dry hands can result with cracking and itching. Moisturize your hands often, and wear waterproof gloves when cleaning, and cotton lined gloves if possible, when outdoors in cold weather. Apply moisturizer each and every time you wash your hands.

Humidify Your Home

Heating systems send dry air throughout the home and can irritate skin and mucous membranes. The dry indoor air can result in a higher vulnerability to colds, flu and other illnesses, as well as dry skin. The solution is to provide your home with humidified air. Humidifiers can be installed in your central heating system, or you can place individual humidifiers throughout your home. Humidified air is a key factor in reducing seasonal dryness.

Take Care of Your Feet

During the winter months, pay extra attention to your feet. Use lotions or creams that contain petroleum jelly or glycerin for extra benefit. In addition, your feet will benefit from routine exfoliation; it helps the moisturizer to penetrate more effectively. Careful foot care is especially important for diabetics, who can experience dire effects due to wounds and injury to the skin. Contact our dermatologist in Southlake, TX if you suffer dry skin on your feet.

The Face

If your facial skin is dry, avoid using peels, masks, and alcohol-based toners or astringents during the winter months. These products may strip your skin’s natural oil away, and worsen dry skin. Instead, use a mild foaming cleanser or cleansing milk. Look for masks that claim they hydrate, and remember to avoid all products containing alcohol. After washing your face, apply moisturizer and use sunscreen when outdoors, especially if you will be outdoors in the snow.

Hot Water and Your Skin

Long steamy tub soaks and showers are welcome relief from the cold, but are bad for your skin. Warm water and a short time in the bath will prevent the worst of the drying effects.

When your skin is already dry, bathe in a lukewarm oatmeal bath, or use baking soda in the water for some dry skin relief. Do not forget to moisturize your dry skin after a bath or shower. Moisturizers trap existing moisture in your skin, so as soon as you dry off, apply moisturizer for the maximum benefit. If these tips do not provide relief for your dry skin, see a dermatologist in Southlake, TX. Severely dry skin may require a prescription lotion, or you may have a skin condition other than dry skin, requiring a different treatment.

Contact Compassion Dermatology today, to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist in Southlake, TX for your skin problems. We offer professional services in a relaxing environment. Our advanced dermatology practice and holistic approach help to ensure your health and well being.