4 Common Skin Problems For Which You Need To See A Dermatologist | Dermatologist in Southlake, TX

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There can be thousands of skin problems that you face as you grow up. From hormonal changes to changing weather conditions and even our lifestyles, anything can cause your skin to act up.

Many skin problems may have mild symptoms that you can ignore but if serious skin issues are left untreated for too long, they can turn into severe health conditions. Visiting a dermatologist may prove to be much more beneficial for you than you can imagine. In fact, regular skin checkups can reduce your chances of developing skin cancer by up to 40%, according to a study.

The most common skin problems include acne, wrinkles, blemishes, and eczema amongst others. These skin problems are often self-treated but without the supervision of a dermatologist, over-the-counter medications can do more harm than good.

Here are the causes and symptoms of 4 common skin problems for which you need to see a dermatologist in Southlake, TX.

1.  Acne

Every 1 in 10 teenagers and adults in America have acne. Many parents think that acne is nothing to worry about as it is a common condition that comes with puberty and hormonal changes. Many over-the-counter medications are available to treat the condition as well.

Acne can be mild with small bumps or inflammation spots on the face. This type of acne is often painless and less irritating. However, acne can also turn into your worst nightmare. It can be irritating and can impact your self-confidence to a great extent.

Especially for teenagers, acne can be a devastating experience. It affects the self-confidence and can lead to crankiness. If not treated timely, it can lead to redness and swollen skin, also causing scars and blemishes.

Whether the acne is mild or severe, seeing your dermatologist in Southlake, TX may be a good option as they will give you professional help about where to start. They will first determine the cause and intensity of your acne, and then recommend the medication that suits your skin type and condition. You may be taking medication for acne while ignoring other factors alongside acne such as blackheads, cysts, or pimples.

A dermatologist in Southlake, TX will give you professional help without you having to rely on over-the-counter medicines.

2.  Wrinkles/Sagging Skin

We all know that wrinkles are a part of aging. They are natural and often cannot be controlled. However, wrinkles and sagging skin can become a skin problem when it happened prematurely or causes side-effects such as discoloration or decomposing of skin texture.

This skin condition has a severe impact on self-esteem. No one wants to start looking old before time. For women, it may be a sensitive issue to look older than their counterparts as according to a study, women develop wrinkles earlier than men do.

Apart from age, the ultraviolet rays from the sun can accelerate the process of wrinkles along with an unhealthy diet or using too much skin products.

A dermatologist in Southlake, TX cannot stop your skin from aging, but they can certainly make the process easier and make you look younger for a longer time. There are many treatments for wrinkles, sagging skin, and discoloration.

Premature wrinkles and sagging skin is a common condition seen in many youngsters today. This is due to their lifestyles and unhealthy diet routines. Too much exposure in the sun and lack of regular checkups with the dermatologist can also cause the skin to fade. Regular visits to your dermatologist in Southlake, TX after the age of 30 can help you prevent premature wrinkling. Your skin will age when you do! But only if you take professional help and don’t ignore the signs that your skin is giving you.

3.  Blemishes

As you grow older you may start to notice small changes or marks that appear on your skin. Many times you can ignore these but they could be one of those skin conditions that turn into something big. You cannot ignore your skin, especially if it’s your face.

Everybody wants to look pretty, don’t they? Blemishes are one of the skin conditions that can start at a very early age and stay there for your entire life. A blemish is any type of spot, mark, or visual flaw that appears on the face. While many are not life-threatening, there are cases in which blemishes lead to skin cancer. So why risk it with using home remedies or waiting for them to go away with age? See your dermatologist in Southlake, TX today so that you don’t have to live with your face having marks and spots.

Blemishes can be caused by other skin conditions such as acne, papules, nodules, birthmarks, ingrown hair, sores, spots, cysts, hyper-pigmentation, and others.

4.  Eczema

Eczema is a skin condition that can go from being a mildly itchy rash to raising the risk of skin cancer. It may be normal for a person with sensitive skin to can get itchy patches on their skin but even they must see a dermatologist in Southlake, TX to get a proper plan to control and treat eczema.

Eczema can be emotionally distressing if it gets out of control. It can affect your sleep, your daily activities, and become highly uncomfortable. It can affect any part of your body. The rashes on sensitive areas of the skin can grow from mild to severe in no time.

Your dermatologist in Southlake, TX will give you a detailed skincare treatment plan through which your eczema can be controlled. If you are living with someone who has eczema, you need your dermatologist to give you preventive care measures so that you don’t catch it. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

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What Are the Causes and Solutions for Hair Loss | Dermatologist in Southlake, TX

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Hair loss can be devastating – for both men and women. You lose up to 100 hair strands a day but that is still considered unnoticeable. This is because you are growing new hair at the same time too. Hair loss is alarming when you start losing hair follicles and root tissues disrupting the hair growth cycle and severely affecting your hair health.

A dermatologist in Southlake, TX will have the solution to your hair loss problem but first, you need to find out what’s causing it in the first place. If you understand what causes hair loss, you may be able to fix it before having to see a dermatologist in Southlake, TX. However, we will recommend that you get professional advice as you don’t want to mess with your hair.

Causes of Hair Loss

Your dermatologist in Southlake, TX, will first find out the cause of your hair loss. The causes of hair loss can be one or more of the following factors:

•  Heredity

This is the most common reason for hair loss. Your family history and genes can have an effect on the way your body works. Scientifically, the condition is called male-pattern baldness and female-pattern baldness. The patterns in which it happens are usually predictable as they are similar to how your parents faced it. Bald spots are common in men while females go through more of hair thinning.

You cannot do anything about your family history, but your dermatologist in Southlake, TX can recommend you the appropriate treatments and measures to control it.

•  Hormones

Hormonal changes in the body can severely affect hair growth. Most hormonal changes occur in females as they enter different stages of life such as pregnancy, puberty, menopause, and postpartum depression. These biological changes in a woman’s body can have an adverse effect on hair health.

•  Medical Conditions

Certain medical conditions such as thyroid can result in hair loss. Medical issues can also include infections, allergies, or psychological disorders such as hair-pulling disorder that causes hair loss.

•  Medication and Supplements

Medicinal drugs have the tendency to have side-effects with one of the most common being excessive hair loss or hair fall. The most well-known medical treatment that causes hair loss is radiation. Patients who go through chemotherapy for their cancer treatment tend to face hair loss to a great extent. Other medical conditions can be cardiovascular diseases, depression, high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc that have an impact on hair health.

Supplements include vitamin or protein supplements that people take for different reasons. These supplements can end up worsening your hair health. Ask your dermatologist in Southlake, TX, before starting any new supplements.

•  Stress and Anxiety

Stress, anxiety, PTSD, and other such mental health issues can cause hair thinning and hair loss. Most people suffer an immense amount of hair fall after or during a stressful event in their lives. This may be temporary but can have long-lasting impacts if not taken care of.

•  Hair Products

Use of chemicals present in hair products can result in hair loss as well. Cheap hair dyes and straightening products can be harmful to hair growth. Excessive hairstyling or certain types of hairstyles can cause hair loss such as tight ponytails or cornrows. Other treatments in which the scalp is exposed such as hot oil hair treatment or use of certain conditioners can cause damage to hair roots, affecting hair health.

What Will a Dermatologist Do?

There are many treatment options that your dermatologist in Southlake, TX, can recommend you once your diagnosis is complete.

•  Medication

Medication is most commonly prescribed to people going through temporary or permanent hair loss. The types of medication can be ones that are available over the counter while others can have higher dosages and will be prescribed by your dermatologist in Southlake, TX.

The main ingredient in hair loss medication is minoxidil. It may be used independently or combined with other hair treatment products for better results.

•  Surgical Treatments

If your hair loss is bad and needs immediate attention, your dermatologist in Southlake, TX, may suggest you surgical treatments. You don’t have to worry since it’s not as scary as it sounds. Sometimes medication is not enough to control the hair loss. There are some safe surgical procedures that can be used to treat baldness and hair loss. These are:

•   Hair Transplantation

A hair transplant surgery will be recommended by your dermatologist in Southlake, TX when you have bald spots or uncontrollable baldness. The procedure is preferred by those who have a family history of baldness, especially men. They know the baldness is not controllable and hence they opt for surgical methods to get hair.

•  Scalp Reduction

This is a procedure in which parts of your scalp that don’t have hair follicles are removed and hair follicles are inserted there. This is done to revive the hair roots in bald spots. Another procedure for scalp reduction can be folding the part of the scalp that has hair over on the bald spots so that the bald spots are covered. Your dermatologist in Southlake, TX, will recommend you the type you need after your diagnosis.

Tissue expansion is also an option in which two surgeries take place to expand the tissues to the bald spots. These surgeries can be expensive. Some of the side-effects may be bleeding, infections, or scars.

Compassion Dermatology brings to you the best dermatologist in Southlake, TX. We have expert dermatologists who will guide and assist you with the treatments you need. We know how important your hair health is for you and so we bring to you a range of services at affordable prices.

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Scalp Issues? Visit a Dermatologist | Dermatologist in Southlake, TX

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Should you visit a dermatologist for scalp issues? Yes indeed!

Visiting your dermatologist in Southlake, TX for scalp issues is just what you need to do if you are facing scalp issues. You ask, why? Well, if you think that dermatologists are only doctors for skin-related issues and facial beauty treatments, you cannot be more wrong.

This wrong image of dermatology has unfortunately spread due to modern media’s preoccupation with socialites and fashion and beauty to almost worrying levels. It frequently shows dermatologists getting Botox and other de-aging treatments from dermatologists. This caused a bit of disrepute and unwanted image to the profession.

Dermatology, however, is a sub-discipline of medical and health science which is specifically related to issues of not just the skin but also nails, scalp, hair, and mucosal glands of the mouth in some cases. So if you think you might be having problems of the scalp or actually do have problems, then visit your dermatologist in Southlake, TX.

Here are some of the common scalp issues which people face and which can easily be treated by your dermatologist in Southlake, TX.

1.  Dandruff

Dandruff is probably one of the most common scalp-related issues that people of all ages and all ethnicities face. It is excessive flaking of the skin of the scalp. It has no real physical harm or side effect but excessive dandruff is often a cause for massive self-esteem and image issues.

It can appear unprofessional and unkempt thus negatively hamper professional lives even without the victim doing anything. It might be due to lifestyle choices or hereditary. In any case a trip to your dermatologist in Southlake, TX will most likely get the issue sorted out and they will prescribe you a variety of topical ointments, medicinal shampoos and medicines to combat the issues. This will be after they determine the root cause of the issue.

2.  Hair Fall

If dandruff is the most common problem afflicting people regarding the scalp and hair then undoubtedly the issue of hair fall trailing right behind in second place. Hair fall or alopecia is a common occurrence and affects a large percentage of men and women. It attacks men more often, soon after the end of teenage and onset of adulthood.

Classic alopecia is a thinning and falling of the hair from the middle of the head and the front. This is usually genetic and hereditary but can sometimes be controlled but only if tackled in time. So make that trip sooner to your dermatologist in Southlake, TX rather than later, while you still have your luscious locks. Because once gone, hair from alopecia doesn’t come back unless you opt for hair transplants which your local dermatologist in Southlake, TX is also qualified to do.

If the causes for hair hall are some other reasons then your dermatologist can root them out and give you medicines or suggest lifestyle changes which can re-grow your hair.

3.  Scalp Fungus

Fungal infections of the scalp can leave open and oozing wounds where the skin is split and raw fresh flesh of the scalp is poking out.

It is painful and annoying and can spread to other parts of the scalp. Your dermatologist in Southlake, TX can treat it correctly and quickly with a mixture of medicinal shampoos and anti-fungal medicines while recommending changes in lifestyle to ensure it doesn’t come back. Fungal infections of the scalp usually occur due to improper hygiene and when the hair is left damp and moist after sweat-inducing activities or the shower.

4.  Excessive Facial Hair

A lot more uncommon than hair fall but still present in individuals, particularly those with high testosterone levels.

Excessive facial hair is not usually present on the scalp which would be cause for joy but unwanted parts of the body like back, arms, face, neck and anywhere else. Not only can excessive facial hair make you hotter and sweatier but it can also impact your social life and self-image.

Your dermatologist in Southlake, TX can give your topical creams and hormone dampeners which will control the unwanted hair and suppress its rate of growth. You can also opt for total removal by laser treatment should the problem be particularly egregious and showing no signs of stopping.

5.  Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are painful and annoying. If left untreated they can cause infections and boils and abscesses.

They usually occur due to improper shaving which results in bent hair which is forced to grow inwards in the skin itself. This can quickly become an inflamed and infected spot. Attempting to remove an ingrown nail yourself carries the risk of infection and scarring since the hair has to be removed and pulled out by making a small incision. This is work best left to your dermatologist in Southlake, TX who can do so with the proper sterile conditions and equipment.

6.  Greasy and Oily Scalps

Some people might be prone to more oil production from the sebaceous glands of the skin and scalp. This can be controlled through medication and hormonal treatments.

Excessive oil production in the scalp is bad news and can cause a lot of problems and inconvenience ranging from dandruff and fungus to itching and hair fall. Increased and heavy oil production blocks the pores and hair follicles on the scalp as well as prevents normal air flow and ventilation. All of this is very bad for the overall health and working of your scalp.

Your dermatologist can suggest the right ointments and applicants to control this excessive oil and ensure healthy, clean and normal scalp and hair.


Hair problems are all too common nowadays with the pollution and stresses we face in modern life. Almost every other person has some form of the above problems. If you are struggling with them too and are looking for a dermatologist in Southlake, TX then contact Compassion Dermatology today. Our specialists provide a variety of treatments and services for various scalp and hair related problems and conditions common in everyday life

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Nail Issues and Dermatology | Dermatology in Alliance

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It might not look like it, but nails are actually vital for most of the everyday tasks we do. Not directly as in the nails themselves being used in those tasks, but nails perform the vital function of protecting our fingers and protecting the soft flesh underneath the nail.

Any injury to the nail like the nail being cracked or the nail ripping out can significantly impair your ability to do anything with that hand. Think about it – eating, drinking, bathing, and writing – a painful injury or condition of the nail can impair all of these activities which actively involve our hands.

Luckily, most nail injuries and ailments can be fixed and treated by your clinic for dermatology in Alliance. Dermatologists, contrary to popular belief, don’t deal with just skin related issues and problems but also tackle and treat hair and nail related problems.

Thus, if you notice any of the mentioned nail problems mentioned below then immediately book an appointment with your clinic for dermatology in Alliance and get it looked at. With timely intervention and treatment, you can reasonably recover from most nail issues and problems.

1.  Ingrown Nail

This is one of the most common nail conditions which impacts people. It mostly occurs in the nails of the feet, particularly the toe. It is also one of the most painful and debilitating.

It can cause acute and sharp pain whenever you attempt to walk and, at worst, actively put you off from walking while the problem is still present. So we are talking about it but haven’t explained what it is.

Ingrown nails, as the name says, are nails which grow in the wrong direction of the nail bed or plate. This can mean the nail grows down into the sides of the toe or it begins to grow back into the nail bed. This usually happens due to wearing tight and ill-fitting shows which bunch and squish the toes together thus causing pressure on them. It can also happen due to improper nail cutting and getting an extensive and unnecessarily deep pedicure and cuticle treatments. Though it can be very painful, it is easily treatable by your clinic for dermatology in Alliance. They will use local anesthesia and extract the nail from the toe. The healing process, however, is painful and takes time since your nail plate is exposed and it takes time for the nail to regrow.

That is why it is essential that as soon as you feel pain or pressure in your toe you go as soon as you can to your clinic for dermatology in Alliance. If caught in time, the problem can still be treated with medication and changing footwear.

2.  Dark Nail Streaks

If you spot the development of dark streaks across your nails down the length of the nail then an immediate visit is required to your clinic for dermatology in Alliance. The urgency for this seemingly cosmetic condition is because it can actually be a sign of and precursor to one of the most serious forms of skin cancer, Melanoma.

Your clinic for dermatology in Alliance will be equipped with the tools and tests to determine the diagnosis and start treatment as soon as possible. If not caught in time or ignored, it can become much more difficult to cure and treat.

3.  Nail Lifting

If you notice portions of your nail lifting and detaching from the nail plate then they will begin to discolor and become white. This is due to that portion of the nail dying and not connected anymore to the nail plate underneath. The reasons for this might be many from fungus and infection to unnecessarily deep manicures or attempts to clean underneath the nail with sharp objects which might dig into the nail plate.

You might be thinking of letting the nail grow out naturally and cut it off but you are not sure if it is not due to some other underlying reason. A visit to your clinic for dermatology in Alliance thus won’t hurt anyone and your dermatologist will probably be able to give you better tips to take care of the nail or cut it away precisely.

4.  Nail Injury

If you strike your nail hard against an object or if your toes face consistent pressure from tight fitting shoes, this can cause a number of problems and conditions.

You could find internal rupturing of blood vessels and congealing of blood under the nail which will form a solid black mass. This will be the congealed blood which couldn’t escape anywhere. What this tends to do is cause the skin on top of the congealed mass to eventually die until the mass of solid blood breaks out to the surface. This mass is connected to both the nail and the nail plate though so trying to excavate it is often a painful process. Going to your clinic for dermatology in Alliance can clear this problem quickly and without hassle with a power wash which will cut and wash away the blood mass.

5.  Nail Abscess

One of the other conditions which can arise from striking the nail at an object or undue pressure is the formation of an abscess at the base of the nail plate.

An abscess is a collection of pus from an infection or inflammation. An abscess of the toe, if left untreated, will not only cause great pain and make walking difficult but by the time it finds a natural route to drain itself, it may have consumed a lot of the part of the nail plate. This can cause disfiguration and deterioration which may take a long time to properly heal. Your clinic for dermatology in Alliance can lance and drain this abscess thus ensuring your nail does not get eaten in the process.


Our nails can be impacted by a lot of conditions and problems. Many of them are often painful considering the nature of the sensitive flesh under the nail plate.  So if you are looking for a clinic for dermatology in Alliance then contact Compassion Dermatology today. Our specialists provide a variety of treatments and services for various nail related problems and conditions of the hands and feet.

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