How To Locate Sound Dermatology Care | Southlake Area

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If you’ve not had much luck finding a dermatologist in the past, now is the time to think differently about your dilemma. You probably hadn’t heard about Compassion Dermatology because you’re new to the Southlake area. That’s perfectly understandable, which is why we’ve taken the time today to introduce ourselves to you.

You see, we’re not like other dermatologist offices because we go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction with our services. From start to finish, we want your experience to be positive. We know how important it is to treat our patients with kindness, integrity, and privacy. You matter to us and are an important reason we can do what we do well.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out our services, we invite you to do so. If you want to research your options in the area further before finalizing your decision, we understand. We’ve created this guide to make the entire process of finding sound dermatology care quick and easy for your convenience. That way, you spend less time suffering through a skin problem and more time healing from it.

How to Find the Right Dermatologist to Assist You with Your Treatment Request

Dermatologists are outstanding at what they do. They have the knowledge, skills, and experience of helping people overcome and treat various skin conditions. Having a consultation done with a trusted dermatologist is the first step in resolving your issues. Once you’ve had that done, you can easily feel better about how your hair, skin, and nails look and feel.

Here’s how to locate sound dermatology care in the Southlake area of Texas:

  • Read online reviews left for dermatologists and their staff. Considering how new you are to the area, it may be best for you to reach out to a professional after learning more about how they work from the public feedback left for them. When you reach out to a professional after learning about them online, take some time to ask detailed questions. Learn about their credentials and work history. Doing so makes it possible for you to avoid the stress of seeing a doctor of dermatology who cannot help you.


  • Ask someone you know, including your primary care physician, for a referral. You’ll find that they’re qualified to recommend you to a skin doctor. If you haven’t had a chance to get to know a dermatologist in the area but have seen a medical doctor, you can ask who they think would best help you with your issue. Hearing advice from a qualified professional makes it far easier to find a dermatologist that you know you’ll go to often.


  • Research the different companies in the area capable of providing dermatology services. You’re going to find that some dermatology clinics are better than others. It all depends on how the staff treats you when you walk through the door. The level of care you receive makes all the difference. If you feel comfortable seeing a dermatologist, you’re more likely to go back again. You won’t be fearful of seeing a medical professional because you feel ashamed of how your skin, nails, or hair look.


  • Listen to the language used to advertise dermatologists in your city. When you do, it becomes very clear who can help you. You learn how the clinic markets itself. You learn what to expect as a patient of the dermatology office. You have a very clear picture of how the dermatologist and staff treat you. The language used is conversational and friendly makes the clinic more approachable and accessible for you.


  • Use the local phone book to find the names and numbers of companies in the area. Research who can assist you by flipping through the directory and seeing which clinics stand out on the pages. Once you’ve found the one provider you know you want to give your business to, you can set up a consultation and get to know your new dermatologist. Having time to meet with them one-on-one to discuss your issues and experiences makes regular treatment sessions seem less daunting.

The best dermatologist treats you with care and compassion. They get to know you as a person, so they’re able to give you personalized care. If you haven’t been treated well in the past, you’re likely to be cautious about visiting a dermatologist. You shouldn’t ever feel uncomfortable when seeking medical care!

When you find that one dermatology office that makes you feel like a VIP, you’ll want to visit it often. Instead of going without a much-needed treatment, you decide to make an appointment right away. You don’t let problems with your skin worsen from neglecting to take action. You reach out to a professional and get their advice on the steps to fix the problem you’re experiencing.

Get the Caring, Compassionate Help That You Deserve Today

If you’re searching for a new dermatology clinic in the Southlake area to visit, don’t worry. You’ve made the right choice by going to Compassion Dermatology for all your hair, skin, and nail needs. The doctor provides you with the type of treatment you deserve. Instead of making decisions for you, they get your feedback on the subject to ensure your complete satisfaction with what’s taking place.

Ready to schedule an appointment with us today? Now is the time to call 817-380-5911 with your request for dermatologic assistance. You can also book through our website if it’s a more convenient option for you. As always, we’re here to make things as easy as possible for you by answering your questions and addressing your concerns.

You won’t find a better dermatologic practice in the area. See for yourself what makes our patients happy. We’re committed to serving you well. We must get to the root of your skin issue so that you have long-lasting and satisfactory results. Take time to get to know our staff and dermatologist by visiting us online or calling us today.

Skin Protection Your Dermatologist Wants You To Know | Southlake, TX

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At this point, you either have to be sticking your head in the sand or ignoring every single piece of information that comes your way not to know that too much sun exposure can hurt your skin. However, the day-to-day skin protection habits that you are practicing daily may not be enough. The sun is quite intense in Southlake, TX, and our summers can get quite hot. While the temperature is not the only measure of UV damage, its presence is certainly an indicator that you need to slather up and protect yourself.

One thing that might surprise you is that you are probably getting skin damage in many more ways than you ever imagined. In fact, your dermatologist probably has an entire list of ways that skin is damaging your skin that you never even thought about. As odd as it is, it is the truth and is a very good reason why you need to read up on proper skin protection if you don’t want to end up with wrinkled skin or even skin cancer. Unsightly and unhealthy skin is not the future most people are after.

With that in mind, take a few seconds to read this list of the top facts about sin protection that your dermatologist wishes you knew. Then absorb the facts so that you can better protect yourself when you are exposed to the Southlake, TX sun. Keep in mind that skin damage starts when you are a child and is cumulative, so the amount of radiation that your kids are exposed to as they grow will add up. Therefore, this advice applies to the entire family so that you can give your kids a fighting shot at healthy skin as they grow up. Plus, good skincare habits are learned young, so teaching them young increases the chances that they will take care of their skin and avoid future trips to the dermatologist as well.

Your Car Windows Do Not Protect You From UV Rays

It is reasonable to think that if you are in your car you are good to go, but actually, the opposite is true. Ask anyone who has taken a road trip through the desert and they will probably have a tale or two about their sunburned driving arm. The glass in your car is most likely unable to block out the UV light that filters through the car and into your skin.

It gets worse though, people who spend a lot of time driving for their job or some other reason often end up at the dermatologist because the signs of facial aging are worse on one side of the face versus the other. If this horrifies you, it should because it is just as bad as laying out in the sun at the beach and falling asleep only to wake up to an uneven tan. Only you are waking up as an adult to a half-toned face. Not a great look.

The good news is that if you apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen before getting into the car in the morning you can help prevent some of the penetration from the sunrays. You also might want to consider a brush-on zinc powder to help with your afternoon drive home. Those who spend an extreme amount of time in the car will probably find that it is worth it to pay for a UVA tint on the windows versus paying for expensive cosmetic surgery later to attempt to even out your face at the dermatologist.

You Still Need to Rub in Spray-On Sunscreens

Spray-on sunscreens are extremely popular because they coat a large area of the body in a short amount of time, which is one reason why parents love them. However, if you want to get the true SPF power of the sunscreen you need to actually rub it into the skin. The problem is that the mist collects into droplets that don’t cover the skin area evenly. Therefore, while the spray-on may help you quickly coat the body with sunscreen, you still need to take a few extra minutes to rub it in to receive the full benefits. As a side note, this can save you from a splotchy sunburn that will land you in the dermatologist’s office for further treatment.

Not All Sunscreen Hurts the Coral Reefs

There has been a lot of press lately about sunscreen damaging the coral reefs. However, this alone is not a good reason to give up on proper sun protection. Especially when you consider that doing so may land you in a dermatologist’s office having a melanoma removed later in life. While there are two chemicals that may be damaging the coral reefs: octinoxate and oxybenzone, there are many other mineral-based sunscreens that do not cause any harm to reef systems. Therefore, if this is a concern for you, simply opt for sunscreens with a titanium or zinc base. Given the amount of sun that is always present in Southlake, TX, you also might want to consider investing in a rash guard while out in the sun or swimming. Limiting the amount of skin that is exposed under the sun is always the best approach.

Waterproof Sunscreen is a Myth

Finally, one pet peeve of a lot of dermatologists is the mislabeling of sunscreen as waterproof. The FDA actually forces companies to label their sunscreen as water-resistant, but many consumers automatically interpret that as waterproof. The truth is that most will come off fairly quickly with repeated water exposure. Sport formulations tend to last a little longer, but if you are swimming it is a good idea to reapply sunscreen every hour for the best coverage.

Are you already suffering from the effects of prolonged sun exposure? Book an appointment with a dermatologist from Compassion Dermatology to find out what solutions are available to help even out your skin.

Dermatology Tips: Stress And Face Breakouts | Southlake Area

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Nothing represents being 16 better than acne, but the adolescent bother really starts to get annoying when you are 30+ and still dealing with acne every time you get stressed. If you seem to notice that your acne gets worse when you are heavily stressed or not sleeping enough, you actually are not wrong. Stress actually releases high levels of cortisol within the body which unfortunately causes inflammation and oil production- the magic ingredients of acne breakouts. Add in the fact that a lot of people are still wearing face masks around the major acne breakout zones, and you have a recipe for disaster that only a dermatology office in the Southlake area can help you solve.

Everyone’s daily habits have changed over the past two years, and it looks like the end of pandemic stress is still not in sight so it is understandable if your face is suddenly a mess. However, as a professional adult, you likely don’t want to look like the 16-year-old version of yourself. The good news is that there are things that can be done about it. While controlling your stress levels may not always be a formidable option, controlling the way you wear your stress on your face is with the right dermatology practice by your side.

Why Does Stress Cause Acne?

So, jumping back to the original question, it can be hard to understand why stress can produce acne on your face. In reality, it’s a chemical reaction that is actually causing your skin to suddenly sprout red pimples and blackheads. Cortisol is closely related to testosterone which when stimulated in great amounts will cause your acne to break out and inflammation on the face. Plus, it makes excess oil in your skin and anyone with combination skin knows that oil is almost always the enemy.

What Can You Do About Stress-Caused Acne?

Sometimes at-home treatments are enough to keep you out of the dermatology office, sometimes they are not. While most of the time it is helpful to see a dermatologist for help, a few simple tools will help any prescription or skin procedure that is recommended by our local Southlake area office. Keeping your skin clear always requires a certain regime, and sticking to the rules of proper skin health will help you out whether or not you also need professional help.

To start, you need to make sure that you wash your face at least once a day, if not twice. Even if you do not wear makeup, dirt and grime build up on your face and will quickly clog the pores in your face. If you don’t remove daily filth from your face you will probably end up with breakouts whether you experience more stress or not. The addition of stress will just make the situation even worse, which is why you may go from having one annoying pimple to the addition of a breakout so severe you end up in the chair at a dermatology office.

When it comes to cleansers you have a lot of choices, as there are now more beauty products than ever before available on the marketplace. You can choose from a gentle cleanser to a benzoyl peroxide cleanser to an exfoliating cleanser or a salicylic acid cleanser. Most people get the best results by alternating cleansers to get a different array of effects. On the other hand, if you have sensitive skin you will probably do best with a gentle cleanser or something that is recommended by your dermatologist since you don’t want to make the situation even worse either.

Stay On Top of Your Skin After a Workout

While workouts are great for your general health, they are not always great for your face, especially if you tend to sweat a lot while working out. Grime and sunscreen (if you are running outdoors) can also quickly cause breakouts so it is important to clean your face thoroughly after your workout. If you don’t have time to wipe up at home after the gym, consider purchasing a salicylic acid-based pack of cleansing pads. You can easily toss these in a backpack or gym bag and then wipe your face down after the workout to at least remove a layer of surface grime before getting ready to return to normal life.

Proper Skin Care at Night

Believe it or not, a few simple steps at night can also help you stay out of the dermatology office, or complement some of the medications and treatment plans that you receive a the dermatology office. If you can, keep your hair away from your face while you sleep by pulling it back loosely or pulling it behind your head and over the pillow when you seep so you aren’t rolling in it all night. Oily hair in particular can actually lead to clogged pores and increase the risk of acne breakouts.

You also want to make sure that you wash your pillowcases or trade them out at least twice a week because all of the oil in your hair and your face is regularly ending up on your pillowcases and then getting rubbed into your face nightly. Dirt and sweat also have a habit of building up on your pillow. Finally, while this applies to any time during the day and not just at night, don’t touch your face unless you want to end up at the dermatology office and whatever you do, don’t pick any pimples or blackheads. Don’t listen to people who tell you that doing so will help them heal, it will not and in fact, will usually make them last longer and even scar.

Does it look like you could be playing connect the dots with your pimples? Then it is time to call a local dermatology office and get some help. Compassion Dermatology is ready to help, call us today to schedule your consult.

Your Dermatologist Guide To A Clear, Healthy Complexion | Southlake, TX

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It’s no secret that clear, healthy-looking skin is something we all want. Whether you’re an adult or a teenager, your goal should be to maintain the healthiest complexion possible. Achieving this involves taking care of your skincare routine and following some dermatologist advice for maintaining clear skin. So, how can a skincare doctor help you achieve that goal?

How a Dermatologist Can Help Keep Your Skin Healthy

Dermatologists are medical doctors who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders and related conditions such as psoriasis and acne. They also provide preventive care for those with healthy skin, including information on avoiding sun damage and UV rays. Therefore, this skin expert can help you to keep your skin healthy in the following ways:

Product selection and skincare routine – Your skincare expert will be able to recommend products and give advice on how to take care of different areas of your face, such as your lips or nose. They will also tell you how often to use them and the best way to take care of your skin at home.

Recommend the proper skin treatment – If you are experiencing skin problems such as acne, psoriasis, or eczema, your doctor will be able to recommend the best treatment for you. This may include prescription medication or a special cream or ointment.

Preventative care – Professionals can also provide advice on protecting your skin from the sun and other environmental factors that may cause damage. This includes wearing sunscreen every day, avoiding tanning beds, and using a humidifier in the winter to avoid dry skin.

Detect skin and other diseases early -In addition, your dermatologist will be able to detect any health conditions that may appear on the surface of your skin. They can then refer you to a specialist and adjust your treatment plan as needed. Depending on the results of specific tests, they may also refer you for additional screenings such as blood work or biopsies.

A professional can help you achieve clear, healthy skin in several ways. By following their advice, you can improve the health and appearance of your skin for years to come.

When Should You See a Dermatologist?

There are certain times when seeing a dermatologist is especially important. For instance, you should schedule an appointment with your skin expert if:

  1. Your acne does not improve after using over-the-counter products for several months
  2. You have dark spots or patches on the surface of your skin
  3. You notice any changes in moles such as color, size, or texture
  4. You have symptoms such as pain, bleeding, itching, swelling, redness, and warmth
  5. Your skin becomes dry to the point where it starts cracking or peeling off
  6. You are experiencing unexplained skin problems such as rashes, hives, or blisters

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is best to see a dermatologist as soon as possible. They will properly diagnose the problem and recommend the appropriate treatment plan. So, how do you find the right professional for you?

How to Find a Good Dermatology Office

When it comes to finding the right doctor, several factors may influence your decision. They include:

Certifications: First and foremost, look for someone who is board-certified by The American Board of Dermatology (ABD). This means they have completed an extensive training program for them to treat a variety of skin conditions.

Experience: Next, find out about the doctors’ experience. Review the skincare services offered by the expert to ensure they suit your needs. One way to do this is by asking for information on their website or contacting them directly. Skin is a sensitive area, so you want to be sure that the doctor has a lot of experience treating your specific condition.

Location: Then, consider their office location and how that might affect your decision. If you can do so, opt for one who is conveniently located near your home or workplace. This will make it easier for you to schedule appointments and get the care you need. You can search “Dermatology Office in Southlake” on Google for a list of options.

Price: Finally, find out about the costs associated with their services and what your insurance plan covers. This information will help you to budget accordingly if needed. However, consider that these dermatology experts are specialists and typically charge more for their services than other types of doctors do. This is because they have advanced knowledge in skincare that allows them to provide comprehensive treatments.

When it comes to your skin health, don’t take any chances. Seek out a qualified expert who can help you achieve and maintain clear, healthy skin.

What to Expect in a Dermatology Appointment?

When you go for the first dermatology appointment, the doctor will ask you about your medical history and any symptoms that you may be experiencing. They will also perform a physical examination of your skin to understand the condition better. They may order additional tests such as blood work or biopsies in some cases. Depending on the results, they may recommend a treatment plan that includes medications, ointments, creams, or surgery.

Get Professional Advice to Take Care of Your Skin Today in Southlake, TX

All in all, dermatologists can help you maintain healthy skin by providing the right products and advice for your skincare routine. They will also keep track of any health conditions that may arise and work with other doctors to provide the best care possible. This is important as many medical problems such as diabetes, or heart disease can appear on your skin. So, if you’re looking for clear and healthy skin, a visit to Compassion Dermatology is an excellent place to start.

We are board-certified dermatologists providing quality care for all your skin needs. We offer various services such as skin cancer screenings, acne treatment, and cosmetic procedures.

Our mission is to provide you with the highest standard of dermatology care through a team-based approach that focuses on providing compassionate and personalized patient services. We are committed to offering our patients access to state-of-the-art medical technology in an environment that promotes individualized care and comfort both physically and emotionally. Contact us at Compassion Dermatology to book your dermatology appointment in Southlake, TX today. Your skin will thank you!