How To Locate A Trustworthy Dermatologist | Southlake, TX

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A doctor of dermatology can help you with many issues. Their Southlake, TX practice provides a variety of services that meet your needs. Upon researching your options further, you discover just how beneficial it is to go to one dermatologist over another in the city. After all, you want to see results quickly and benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the best doctor in town.0

If you’re not needed dermatology services before, it can be not easy to know who to reach out to today. To help you with the selection process, we’ve created this guide for you to look at whenever you have questions. It helps you better understand what will take place once you arrive at the dermatologist’s office. You’ll feel less apprehensive when you know what to expect from the interaction.

Finding a Professional You Can Trust to Help You with Your Dermatological Issues

You don’t want to trust just anyone with your request for assistance with your dermatology needs. That’s why you want to be very selective when searching for a dermatology expert to go to for the first time. If you have no clue who to see, you can ask your medical doctor for a recommendation. If they don’t have anyone to refer you to, you’ll find the advice listed below just as useful.

Here is how to locate a dermatologist in Southlake, TX:

  • Use a mobile device to do a local web search of the area’s professionals. Learn who offers services in the city by using the internet to research area doctors of dermatology. You’ll find many to choose from in one convenient online directory. Using the information that you pulled up, start narrowing your choices to one or two candidates. Call or email your choices to see who’s available to assist you with your service request. If you find one dermatologist more accommodating than another, book an appointment with the professional and end your search right away.


  • Reach out to family and friends who use dermatological services. There are many people you know who have experienced issues with their hair, nails, and skin. They’ve sought the help of a skilled dermatologist in the past and can help refer you to the same doctor that assisted them. All you need to do is reach out to the people you know and request assistance from them. By doing so, you can find out more about the doctor from a confidential source who won’t leave out any important details.


  • Read reviews left on online review sites by people with skin problems. Get to know what makes one company better than another by reading what other people say about it. You may find a stranger’s review more helpful than any other resource you have access to today. Take some time to read through the various review sites you find online to see who is highly recommended repeatedly by their patients. You’ll learn very quickly that some stand out in a crowd for all the right reasons while others simply do not.


  • Schedule a consultation to get a feel for how the dermatology expert works and treats you. An excellent way to know how a medical professional performs is to get to know them better through a scheduled consultation. It gives you the chance to reach out to them and ask them questions before seeking treatment for your condition. It’s time for you to learn about the types of insurance accepted by the doctor and their approach to healing your hair, skin, or nails. You’ll feel good about having the opportunity to sit down for a face-to-face meeting with the professional before explicitly selecting them as your doctor of dermatology.

Dermatologists are trusted professionals who provide support and guidance concerning your hair, nails, and skin. Contacting one today with your request for assistance allows you to ask the questions that you’re the most concerned about without delay. You have a very good idea of what to expect from the interaction because you’ve taken time to get to know the professionals in the area offering dermatology services.

Now that you’ve had the chance to discover different ways to locate a doctor of dermatology in the area, you can choose a professional to work with long into the future. It’s an option that makes your life easier because having a trusted provider makes healing inevitable. You’re more likely to follow the doctor’s advice for treatment when you feel like they have your best interests in mind.

How to Maintain a Good Professional Relationship with Your Dermatologist

There are things you can do to keep the professional relationship you’ve created with your doctor of dermatology going. The first is to attend all scheduled appointments. It’s imperative to your physical and mental well-being. Even if you feel like you no longer have a problem, you’ll want to see the doctor for advice on maintaining the progress you’ve made with your hair, skin, or nails.

It’s also important to ask questions that help you progress with your treatment plan. Don’t hold back information. It’s vital to your healing and lets your dermatology doctor know if they need to switch your medication or give you a different option to choose from altogether. Honesty and transparency with your dermatologist are essential.

Get the Help That You Deserve with Your Hair, Skin, and Nails

Compassion Dermatology has a lot to offer you in the way of value. First and foremost, we’re committed to getting to the root of the problem you’re experiencing so we can give you more favorable results. Next, we treat you with care and compassion because we know how alarming skin conditions can be. Finally, we make you feel comfortable from the minute you first step inside our practice.

It’s our mission to give you the best customer experience possible. That’s why we take the time to explain everything we can to you during your initial consultation at our Southlake, TX office. Call 817-380-5911 with your request to set up an appointment. We’ll get you put on the schedule so you can see the dermatologist immediately.

Nail Issues and Dermatology | Dermatology in Alliance

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It might not look like it, but nails are actually vital for most of the everyday tasks we do. Not directly as in the nails themselves being used in those tasks, but nails perform the vital function of protecting our fingers and protecting the soft flesh underneath the nail.

Any injury to the nail like the nail being cracked or the nail ripping out can significantly impair your ability to do anything with that hand. Think about it – eating, drinking, bathing, and writing – a painful injury or condition of the nail can impair all of these activities which actively involve our hands.

Luckily, most nail injuries and ailments can be fixed and treated by your clinic for dermatology in Alliance. Dermatologists, contrary to popular belief, don’t deal with just skin related issues and problems but also tackle and treat hair and nail related problems.

Thus, if you notice any of the mentioned nail problems mentioned below then immediately book an appointment with your clinic for dermatology in Alliance and get it looked at. With timely intervention and treatment, you can reasonably recover from most nail issues and problems.

1.  Ingrown Nail

This is one of the most common nail conditions which impacts people. It mostly occurs in the nails of the feet, particularly the toe. It is also one of the most painful and debilitating.

It can cause acute and sharp pain whenever you attempt to walk and, at worst, actively put you off from walking while the problem is still present. So we are talking about it but haven’t explained what it is.

Ingrown nails, as the name says, are nails which grow in the wrong direction of the nail bed or plate. This can mean the nail grows down into the sides of the toe or it begins to grow back into the nail bed. This usually happens due to wearing tight and ill-fitting shows which bunch and squish the toes together thus causing pressure on them. It can also happen due to improper nail cutting and getting an extensive and unnecessarily deep pedicure and cuticle treatments. Though it can be very painful, it is easily treatable by your clinic for dermatology in Alliance. They will use local anesthesia and extract the nail from the toe. The healing process, however, is painful and takes time since your nail plate is exposed and it takes time for the nail to regrow.

That is why it is essential that as soon as you feel pain or pressure in your toe you go as soon as you can to your clinic for dermatology in Alliance. If caught in time, the problem can still be treated with medication and changing footwear.

2.  Dark Nail Streaks

If you spot the development of dark streaks across your nails down the length of the nail then an immediate visit is required to your clinic for dermatology in Alliance. The urgency for this seemingly cosmetic condition is because it can actually be a sign of and precursor to one of the most serious forms of skin cancer, Melanoma.

Your clinic for dermatology in Alliance will be equipped with the tools and tests to determine the diagnosis and start treatment as soon as possible. If not caught in time or ignored, it can become much more difficult to cure and treat.

3.  Nail Lifting

If you notice portions of your nail lifting and detaching from the nail plate then they will begin to discolor and become white. This is due to that portion of the nail dying and not connected anymore to the nail plate underneath. The reasons for this might be many from fungus and infection to unnecessarily deep manicures or attempts to clean underneath the nail with sharp objects which might dig into the nail plate.

You might be thinking of letting the nail grow out naturally and cut it off but you are not sure if it is not due to some other underlying reason. A visit to your clinic for dermatology in Alliance thus won’t hurt anyone and your dermatologist will probably be able to give you better tips to take care of the nail or cut it away precisely.

4.  Nail Injury

If you strike your nail hard against an object or if your toes face consistent pressure from tight fitting shoes, this can cause a number of problems and conditions.

You could find internal rupturing of blood vessels and congealing of blood under the nail which will form a solid black mass. This will be the congealed blood which couldn’t escape anywhere. What this tends to do is cause the skin on top of the congealed mass to eventually die until the mass of solid blood breaks out to the surface. This mass is connected to both the nail and the nail plate though so trying to excavate it is often a painful process. Going to your clinic for dermatology in Alliance can clear this problem quickly and without hassle with a power wash which will cut and wash away the blood mass.

5.  Nail Abscess

One of the other conditions which can arise from striking the nail at an object or undue pressure is the formation of an abscess at the base of the nail plate.

An abscess is a collection of pus from an infection or inflammation. An abscess of the toe, if left untreated, will not only cause great pain and make walking difficult but by the time it finds a natural route to drain itself, it may have consumed a lot of the part of the nail plate. This can cause disfiguration and deterioration which may take a long time to properly heal. Your clinic for dermatology in Alliance can lance and drain this abscess thus ensuring your nail does not get eaten in the process.


Our nails can be impacted by a lot of conditions and problems. Many of them are often painful considering the nature of the sensitive flesh under the nail plate.  So if you are looking for a clinic for dermatology in Alliance then contact Compassion Dermatology today. Our specialists provide a variety of treatments and services for various nail related problems and conditions of the hands and feet.

You can call us on 817-380-5911 to book an appointment today.