Dermatologist Guide to Getting Rid of Bacne | Derma Clinic in Southlake, TX

Dermatologist Guide to Getting Rid of Bacne | Derma Clinic in Southlake, TX

What you need to know about bacne

It’s a cruel world we live in. Sadly, your face is not the only place where you get zits or painful pimples. There’s more to the equation. If you consistently notice pimples on your shoulders and back, you’re facing bacne.

Don’t worry. You are not alone in facing this issue. Even if this is not the most talked about issue – because it isn’t really a pleasant topic to talk about now, is it? – there are many people out there facing this common problem. Noticing acne on your thighs, shoulders, and arms are common. Ask a dermatologist, and you’d be surprised to know what you find out.

If you are suffering from face acne, you are also most likely to suffer from body acne. Adolescents and young men tend to be the most affected by bacne. But let’s make that easier for you. Derma Clinic in Southlake, TX can assure you that the acne on your body is the same that appears on your face. You may need to use more or less the same treatment – yes, you can use an acne-control facewash as a body wash as well. There’s a higher chance of the breakouts on your back being as mild as the ones you get on your face. Moreover, the same goes for bacne as it goes for face acne – don’t touch or pop them as you stand a higher risk of causing scars. You may not be able to reach certain areas anyway. So keep your hands off of your bacne.

According to Derma Clinic in Southlake, TX, acne breakouts vary among different people. Therefore, bacne may cause more extreme discomfort to people who are susceptible to hormonal imbalance, or inflammatory acne. If you haven’t been able to treat bacne after trying various methods or don’t know what type of skin condition you have, Derma Clinic in Southlake, TX, can guide you in using the right treatment and products.

You could be on the safe side when you have acne breakouts in the form of whiteheads and blackheads as those do not cause swelling. But if you are having painful red acne, visit Derma Clinic in Southlake, TX, immediately. You don’t want to take that into your own hands.

Causes of bacne

In most cases, the causes of bacne are similar to the causes of facial acne. Your body also comprises of sebaceous glands that produce sebum to shield the skin from toxins, pollutants, and bacterial infections. Sebum forms a protective barrier to keep the microbes out, prevents cells from overlapping, and reduces inflammation.

Acne breakouts result from excessive sebum production and difference in chemical composition. Sebum is why you also get whiteheads or blackheads because oil glands trap dirt, which clogs pores and leads to white- or blackheads. Men, especially athletes, are more likely to suffer from bacne due to sweaty clothes, and frequent contact with sweaty surfaces.

What can I do to get rid of it for good

You know how much care and effort goes into taking care of your face. Since face is the most visible part of the body, we tend to take care of it more and neglect other body parts. It’s equally important to select the right products for your body just like it is for your face. Derma Clinic in Southlake, TX could guide you in selecting the right products according to your skin type.

You need to use gentle and mild products to treat acne because chemicals would only aggravate the condition. Getting the right hair products, face wash, and body wash can work wonders for your skin. The key is to go easy on your skin rather than loading it with multiple products simultaneously. Your skin needs time to adjust to a product and overloading it with toxins would only do more harm than good. Some products could cause your skin to become too dry, irritating your skin further. Here’s what Derma Clinic in Southlake, TX suggests you could do to cure bacne.

  • Your showering techniques could be wrong. And Derma Clinic in Southlake, TX knows about the trouble. It’s easy to treat bacne by changing your showering habits. What you don’t know is that you use shampoo and conditioner then body wash. Since you wash out conditioner after washing body, the conditioner sticks to the skin, leaving an oily residue and causing you to breakout more. Washing your body should be the final step.
  • Wear loose, light clothing, preferably that made of cotton. Cotton helps in absorbing oil and sweat from your back. Therefore, all the oil gets trapped in your clothes instead of pores. Make sure that you wash your clothes after wearing them to avoid bacterial infections. Loose clothes also allow your skin to breathe and lower risks of irritation. Air circulation can help you sweat less. Choose soft, woolen clothes during winter. Moreover, you could take a shower after changing to wash off sweat and bacteria. Wash your clothes with anti-bacterial detergents to wash off all bacteria. Change clothes after working out or returning home after a long day.
  • Use oil-control skin care products and cosmetics. Derma Clinic in Southlake, TX can guide you in selecting products that are non-comedogenic or non-acnegenic. Certain products may claim to be oil-free but it’s not possible for every product to suit your skin type. Therefore, contact Derma Clinic, Southlake, TX to have your skin type assessed to get the most suitable products that regulate oil production and don’t clog pores. Stop using too many harsh products on your skin as they can exacerbate the condition and lead to other skin problems. The best way to go is to use fragrance-free and mild products on your skin. As a matter of fact, Derma Clinic in Southlake, TX can inform you about anti-bacterial washes and astringents that are actually detrimental for your skin.
  • Last but certainly not the least, shield your skin from the sun because UV radiation can cause acne to become darker and last longer. It’s a myth that the sun reduces acne. Apply sunscreen half an hour before going outdoors. Derma Clinic in Southlake, TX can provide you with the right products including oil-free, non-comedogenic, and broad spectrum sunscreens that can help clear acne.