Cosmetic Surgical Procedures: Aftercare to Speed Healing and Recovery | Dermatologist in Southlake, TX


Did you just undergo a cosmetic surgical procedure? How was your experience? Cosmetic surgical procedures require you to invest in time, energy and money, so you should ensure that your efforts pay off. Our patients at Compassion Dermatology are highly satisfied with the results, but they achieve them only when they act on the advice of our expert team.

So what about you? Can you also enjoy results that you desire? And how soon should you expect to recover? Of course, you can! But be realistic and convey your expectations to your dermatologist in Southlake, TX beforehand so that they can come up with an effective treatment plan. As for your recovery, it depends on your particular condition, the procedure utilized and your recovery speed as well.

You can speed up healing and recovery if you act on the advice of your dermatologist in Southlake, TX and follow the tips that we have given below.

Act on instructions provided by your dermatologist in Southlake, TX

Our top-most tip to follow. You may have read and come across various different and even contrasting details about the recovery process. But remember, everyone’s case is different and it is only your dermatologist in Southlake, TX, who knows your condition the best. So, rather than acting on what your family and friends recommend, you should heed onto the advice of your dermatologist in Southlake, TX.

If you have any questions, conditions or confusions, ask right away and clear all your doubts. You should properly follow whatever skin care routine that they suggest and also schedule post skin examination if there is any need.

Be patient

The results of a cosmetic surgical procedures can take around 8 weeks to appear so be patient. Your skin won’t improve overnight, and results are apparent when it has acclimated and adapted to medicines and your new skin care routines. Also keep in mind that everyone heals in a different manner. Swelling, bruises or pigmentation may not go away until around 4 weeks or even longer.

Why do results take time to appear? Your soft tissues first need time to settle down, after which inflammation begins to subside, and you finally start noticing positive changes. Should you have any concerns, share them with your dermatologist in Southlake, TX and they’ll help you out accordingly.

Relax… and take it easy!

If you’re under too much stress, your skin will take a longer time to heal. So don’t worry and de-stress yourself. Read, listen to music, practice yoga and even spend more time with your loved ones to bring down stress levels. Mediation and sweet aromas, such as lavender fragrance, also have soothing effects. In some cases, scented candles and aromatic baths can work wonders and leave you completely relaxed.

Seek protection from the sun and other environmental factors

Too much exposure to the sun can damage and discolor your skin. The rays can also inflame the area and cause scars to appear. So don’t expose yourself directly to the sun and cover the treated area. Wear long sleeves, ankle length dresses or pants, sunglasses and hats. Use a sun-block, spend only limited time outside and try to stay indoors when the sun is complete above you.

Also stay away from strong winds, smoke, dust and other pollutants in the air. Your dermatologist in Southlake, TX may also advise you against swimming and other outdoor activities that can affect your results negatively.

Avoid strenuous activities

Jogging and spending some time at the gym might relax you, but generally, your dermatologist in Southlake, TX won’t recommend any strenuous activities to you for at least 4 to 6 weeks are you’ve undergone a cosmetic surgical procedure. When you perform activities that increase your blood pressure and heart rate, then some of the treated blood vessels may open up forcefully and result in bruising or bleeding.

Also, be careful around kids and pets, especially if you have gotten your tummy tucked in through cosmetic surgical procedure. Even lifting your child can affect recovery speed and duration.

Take some time off from work

In most of the cases, you can return to work after a reasonable time, but until then, take time off and relax yourself at home. Talk to your dermatologist in Southlake, TX and share your daily routine at work with them. Accordingly, they’ll advise when it’s safe for you to start working again.

Follow a healthy diet plan

Your dermatologist in Southlake, TX would have recommended a diet plan, which you must follow throughout the recovery period. Your body requires proteins, vitamin A, vitamin C and other nutrients to heal. You must take all of these nutrients in quantities recommended by your dermatologist in Southlake, TX so that your skin can heal more quickly.

And by the way, if you’re interested in taking any food supplements, do let your dermatologist in Southlake, TX know. Sometimes, these products contain ingredients that can slow down healing.

Drink plenty of water

This is a tip that all dermatologists in Southlake, TX cannot emphasize upon enough. Water cleans your body and keeps it healthy while nourishing and moisturizing your skin. So, drink around 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. Juices, sodas, teas and coffee don’t count – your skin solely needs water, so ensure that you’re drinking it in sufficient amounts.

Avoid smoking, alcohol and drugs

Smoking, alcohol and drugs can delay healing and even cause complications in some cases. Avoid smoking and stay away from second hand smoke as well. Tobacco limits the amount of oxygen that reaches the cells in your body. Oxygen is required for healing so this slows down the process. Alcohol suppresses your body’s immune system which makes it more difficult for your skin to heal. Plus, it has dehydrating affect and may cause bleeding.

Also, avoid taking any prescription drugs because they increase bleeding risks. Recreational drugs increase your cravings for pain medications and steroids also affect healing.